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FASHION DESIGNER | BLOGGER | INFLUENCER. As a child, Galia Brener spent most of her life searching for snow angels in Canada. She came to Europe at the age of 22 to complete her Master’s Degree in communication design. In 2010 she founded her first fashion startup: Galia Brener Luxury Accessories – luxury handbags in the shape of feminine curves. The “G Bag” is shaped like a woman’s most intimate part, with a hidden secret pocket inside! Galia’s bags are worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Inga Humpe and many others. During the 10 years of being a successful entrepreneur, Galia started writing her own blog and column “Yes, No, Maybe?”, which has risen quite fast in popularity in the last few years. After the rapid success of the blog, Galia has earned her name in the celebrity world as a designer, blogger and influencer. Galia speaks 5 languages and is constantly traveling the world in search of new stories, products / brands / events, ideas and experiences to share with her fans and readers. Galia Brener collaborates today with the major fashion and lifestyle brands and appears at various events, in magazines, television and newspapers.

My Luxury Birthday Weekend at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

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Who would think that it’s possible to have such an amazing luxurious birthday holiday in your own city? Read here about my awesome Sofitel Frankfurt Opera adventure full of delicious food, exquisite drinks, wellness, party, relaxation and a chic photo shooting!

5 Dental Treatments for Beauty and Aesthetics

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It was at that instant that I realized something very important. People still see going to the dentist as a painful and terrible thing. They associate it with pain and also when something is wrong with their teeth. Therefore I decided to write this important article to explain that going to the dentist has really changed! It’s not just about fixing something painful anymore. In today’s time: Going to the dentist is about beauty and aesthetics.

Meine Quality Time mit Mama

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Meine Mama hatte mich in Frankfurt besucht und wir haben es uns an einem schönen Tag gut gehen lassen. Im Video zeige ich euch einen kleinen Ausschnitt von unserem Spaziergang durch den Schlosshotel Kronberg. Ich gehe sehr gerne dort hin, weil ich die Ruhe und die schöne Natur dort intensiv genießen kann. Beim Besuch meiner Mama wollte ich ihr auch meine neuste Entdeckung, den Pfanner Pure Tea, vorstellen. Schaut selbst, ob Mami der neue 0% Tee von Pfanner genauso gut schmeckt wie mir.

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